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Ominous Isle (910038)

Image of the LEGO Ominous Isle Ominous Isle is the dreaded base of operations for the fearsome Captain Mutton Chops and his motley crew. The signature skull is the final warning to foolish travelers that they have ventured too far into dangerous waters and are about to have their first and final encounter with the legendary pirate captain.

The isle is surrounded in mystery. There are rumors of secret treasure, fierce sea monsters and ancient ruins from a lost civilization. However, the pirate crew is quite at home here, with strong defenses, a luxurious captain’s quarters, a well-stocked kitchen and an overflowing treasure store.

The isle’s real surprise though, is that it never appears the same way twice. The surrounding islets seem to constantly rearrange themselves, linked by numerous bridges and crossings. This makes it impossible to accurately describe Mutton Chops’ hideout because every witness has seen a different version.

The sheer verticality of the isle is also incredibly intimidating, giving the landmark true presence. It is a significant trek to get from the landing jetty to the top of the ancient lookout tower, gradually climbing the many surrounding islets. But for those on the crew, there is a grand shortcut. The barred gate in the mouth of the skull is mechanized to open on demand and grant direct access to the core of the base.

Truly, Ominous Isle is a stronghold befitting of the great Captain Mutton Chops!






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