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Logging Railway (910035)

Image of the LEGO Logging Railway The Planter & Children Logging Co. is a fictional logging company and railway, based in central Oregon, USA. The railway was built to transport felled logs out of the forest and down to the saw mill, but is also used by the loggers to transport themselves and their tools to and from the work site.

The locomotive pulling the train today is "Toto", the oldest locomotive in service at the railway. Toto is a 0-4-0 locomotive built in the 1890s, and is a typical logging locomotive for the time. Today it's showing its age however, and most logging companies would have replaced the loco for a more modern type a long time ago. But the engine has been kept in such good condition that it's still in regular use on the railway, and is sure to run for many more years.

Behind the loco is a flat car transporting a generator, followed by a logging wagon loaded up with freshly felled logs. Bringing up the rear of the train is an old "Bobber" style caboose, used by the logging crew use to ride in and transport their tools. It's also were the saplings used for replanting the forest are kept.

The roof of the locomotive and the caboose is removable, and both have interior details and room for minifigures.

The train can run on standard tracks, and uses standard buffers & magnets. It's also designed with the option to add a motor and battery box (not included).

3 Minifigures included.






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