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Brick Cross Train Station (910034)

Image of the LEGO Brick Cross Train Station The city has grown around the railroad and the City Council has decided to restore the old Brick Cross station, preserving its old facades and covering the old hall with a new iron and glass structure. The station has also been extended by a new modern structure to hold a fancy bar where citizens can enjoy some drinks and pastries after a long working day. This newly-restored station has quickly become one of the busiest places in the city. Thousands of people pass through every day. Some patiently await the journey home, others rush by to get to work on time, some people-watch with curiosity, whilst some anxiously anticipate the too-slow arrival of a loved one. Yet others carry all their worldly belongings in a suitcase ready to embark the train to a new life.

About the project
Train stations have always amazed me. They are magical places where a large part of the stories of our lives are written. They are places of transition, of unsummoned crowds, of anonymous glances, of waiting, thought and reflection. I must say that I love being in them and watching what happens there… Their aromas (not always pleasant), their sounds, their colors and light/shade. I’m always propelled to ask myself: where is that person going? What is she/he reading? What are they about to eat?

Undoubtedly the multiple European train stations I have been to and the memories of so many moments in them have inspired this project. It is therefore not a replica of any particular station, but a kind of collection of fragments based on my own memories.

The Brick Cross project aims to focus on everything that surrounds a train station.

About the Build
I’ve made this design with the intention of providing a building experience with many different variants. A ‘glassy’ covering, a hinged wall or a ‘steel’ structure inside the main building are a few examples of uncommon building situations that are present in this model.

The final model is modular building compatible from both sides.






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